It seems only proper that upon my return to a web presence via this blog that I thank my nephew Jeremy for providing and setting up the host for this blog.

Several years ago, I had a very static web site hosted by my internet provider. A few years later (and still several years ago) I built a LAMP system and hosted a new site from home. The new one was a place for experimentation with the M & P of LAMP. I learned a lot except in the areas of system security. The site was hacked and in the process of infecting virtually every bit of my code with nastiness the site became unrecoverable (I did not learn much about backing things up either). I’ve learned my lesson and I’m back certainly older and hopefully wiser.

My intent for this blog is two-fold. I want to create a place for the exchange of ideas that are of interest to me and hopefully you. I also want to have a focus on photography via a photoblog and tutorials. It is going to take some time before I pull together the remaining bits and pieces for this and generate some content.

Thanks for visiting.