M13 & NGC 6207

M13 & NGC 6207 (Click Image)

I revisited a favorite target last night, M-13 the globular cluster in Hercules. I’ve imaged this before, but I wanted to see if I could capture the nearby galaxy (NGC 6207). I was worried initially with the polar alignment of my mount. I am not set up to autoguide my mount and expected that my currently poor polar alignment would severely limit my exposures. I decided to use my Tak Epsilon 180 astrograph (500mm fl f/2.8) with the FLI ML8300 camera. A few nights earlier I was able to take 300 second exposures with a 100mm lens and was hoping I could get 2 minute exposures with the 500mm Tak. I had to shorten the exposures to 90 seconds each in order to eliminate star trails. Nevertheless, I did manage to capture NGC 6205 along with one other tiny background galaxy. This image is a stack of thirty 90-second exposures with dark frame subtraction. I applied a little RLD, but not much else (other than curves adjustment in DeepSkyStacker & PhotoShop).