I’ve got so many thoughts and emotions running around my head that I will have to take some time to sort out things rationally. However, my irrational response is as follows. I find it somewhat befuddling/amusing that it is the republicans that are against the Wall Street bail out! Aren’t the Republicans the ones who are supposed to be in favor of big business and against the average Joe? Did they want more? We’re they repelled by the cut lines to the golden parachutes for CEOs? And conversely, why are the Democrats so gung-ho in support of this? Is it because of the help for those who borrowed under ‘unsavory terms’ for their mortgage from predatory lenders? I don’t know, but it isn’t making sense to me right now.

I must admit that if I was a republican in the house and had just sat through yet another partisan tirade from speaker Pelosi, I’d probably vote against it too. Of all of the people (and I use that term loosely) in the house, ol’ Nancy scares me the most. Today she had a golden opportunity to demonstrate a non-partisan side of her persona and she completely failed the test. If and when this bill comes back up for a vote, I would only vote for it if Nancy agreed to step down as speaker afterwards.

The thought of Obama and Nancy running things together was worrisome. Now it is frightening. It might actually be sufficient grounds for me to reconsider McCain. I’ll wait to see how Palin comes across in the VP debate before I change colors.

Good god it would be great to have a real choice beyond these two non-starters.