It is a pretty rare event when I go out to the observatory and just look through the eyepiece. My eyes are not what they used to be and even if they were, there is just no comparison with the sensitivity of digital imagery. Tonight we had some out of town guests over for dinner. Afterwards, the guys went out to the dome for a quick tour of the sky. It was a beautiful calm night with a full Moon, but excellent seeing. I had the C-11 on the mount and we had a quick look at the Moon. It was way too bright even at 350x. So I moved over to Jupiter. WOW! The bands and belts had easily observable structure and strong color. Io was just about to go behind the planet. It was a nice crisp disk with excellent orange color. We moved over to the globular cluster M13 and enjoyed the mass of resolved stars. M57 – check, M27 – check. Then I wanted to have a look at Uranus. The pointing was a bit off as was the focus. I tuned the focus on a star and was greeted by a nice Airy Disk and complete and stable first diffraction ring. Found Uranus – it was a crisp disk with a lovely blue-green color. Obviously not a star. Neptune was also a clear disk, although considerably smaller. Color was not strong. I think my guests were just as blown away as I was.  I thought long and hard about switching over to the digital imaging gear, but I fought that urge and will happily live with the memory of sharing an exceptional night with friends.