Flickr just changed the layout of every users home page. Some of the changes are good and some are good or bad depending upon what you like. One change that bothers me, personally, is what they have done with what used to be the “Everyone’s Photos” setion. It is now a more general Explore section with randomly rotating topics – one of which is the old “everyone’s photos” I’ve grown to love. I would like to have the option of what appears in the Explore section. While some may like the rotating feature, I personally just like to have “everyone’s photos” be there – always. Other users have expressed the decision to mix the comments we have made on the photos of others with the comment others have made on our photos. The old way kept them separate – which again, I liked.

Web 2.0 is all about the user & their experience. What this means is that we should get to choose what things look like. Flickr, don’t impose changes on us, just give us more choices. We like choice. Choice is good.