Well as long as I’m taking shots here today. Caroline Kennedy is, “ya know”, not exactly qualified for the Senate – by any stretch of the imagination. Simply being a Kennedy is insufficient qualification. She’s been, for all practical purposes, in hiding for decades and now pops up (with someone) wanting to make certain that there is a Kennedy in the Senate. There must be several other truly qualified and established public servants in NY that should be higher on any one’s list of potential appointees. Is this simply an ongoing media love affair with the Kennedy name or something more behind the scenes?

Oh (now for a cheap shot), and what is with that nose/spoiler/winglet thing she has going on? Has she been trying out for a part as an alien in Star Trek (Worf’s long lost half sister or something)? It certainly, “ya know”, looked better on her mother. If she makes it to the Senate at least the cartoonists will have a bizarre facial feature to grotesquely caricaturize.