I’m going to cross a few lines here. If you disagree, please feel free to comment. I’m open minded and can be persuaded to change my point of view. Having said that, here I go.

First some context, I think it was arrogant and short-sighted when Israel was created after WWII. The local population did not see the Empire as having the authority to redraw the map and give away their land. I believe this act is the root of the current hostility. I can imagine other things contributing, but this is certainly the main problem. If this is true, then there can only be two long lasting solutions to the problem.

There have been so many attempts to solve the Middle East problem that there isn’t enough room or time to summarize them in a meaningful way. Let me just say that there has been a lot of give and take, but there has never been an agreement where every one of the parties that needed to partake could fully support. There are now so many factions in the area that is it is virtually impossible to get complete agreement.

These agreements and cease fires are tenuous at best partly because of the eye-for-an-eye Israeli way of neighborly foreign relations. All it seems to take is for a small group of neredowells to lob a few rockets over the border and we are where we are today – AGAIN. Honestly, I really can’t blame them. I have a hard enough time keeping my neighbors from driving on my lawn as they back out of their driveways. It is a good thing I do not own nukes, but I digress. The Israelis are not without blame. They do have a tendency to overuse bulldozers and erect settlements in sensitive areas with a thumbing-their-nose attitude.

I do not have a solution to the problem. I’m not that smart. Well I do have a solution, but it is a certainly too heavy handed. There are surely too many weapons in the area and they are in the hands of too many autonomous factions whose power is derived from sustained hostilities. If the neighboring governments had any control and authority over their countries and populace, there might be a ray of hope for peace in the region. As it is now, it reminds me of our Wild West days. I would not be surprised if things get very very heavy handed in the coming weeks.

I have a hard time decoding the oft quoted ‘we have a Special Relationship with Israel’ concept. I do believe that we have a fundamental responsibility for creating the problem in the first place. Honestly, if all of this was happening in the middle of Africa, like so many other and more horrible things are occurring today, we really would not care so much (not that we should not care). If it were not for the potential disruption of the flow of oil from the region and it, therefore, became just a moral issue as opposed to an economic issue, I do not think we would have a ‘Special Relationship’.

So other than making me feel a little better, where does this leave things? Although we would like to think of ourselves and the world as civilized, we are far far from it. We are too obsessed with Our Needs, Our Desires, and imposing Our Way on everyone else. We appear incapable of caring about anyone else, especially if they are not just like us. Civilized – yeah right!