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Is Apple losing control of OS X?

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Hopefully within the next week I’ll have a new Netbook in my possession. This device is compatible with the hardware requirements of Apple’s OS X. I purchased the 5-pack license for Leopard for my two iMacs and still have 3 unused licenses so I am considering installing OS X and dual booting the netbook. In doing some advanced research on the process of installing OS X on non-Apple hardware, it has become obvious that this is a trivial process. I wonder what implications this has for Apple and the way they enforce their licensing for the OS.

The Netbook I selected is the MSI Wind (U100-432US) 10″ system. I’ll be adding 1GB of memory and upgrading the HD to a 320GB 7200 RPM Western Digital Scorpion 2.5″ SATA HD. My goal is to have a tiny computer to run my observatory – freeing my other notebook to run the camera and deal with the high data rate processes. I do not need OS X to run the observatory, but I would also like to have a small netbook for other reasons. I only run windows when I am required to and prefer OS X for “normal” computing, hence the desire for dual boot.

Does Apple’s financial future require that they artificially tie OS X to their Hardware? If so, are they doomed?

WD My Book External HD

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Since I can’t wait for the BluRay writers to come down in price (for both the drive and media) and I’m running out of space on my tini tiny 750GB OneTouch III, I picked up a 2TB External. I decided to go with the Western Digital My Book Studio (Striped RAID array). A coworker has 4 of these and they are very quiet. They are cooled convectively – no fans. I’m 140GB into my first copy and the drive is putting out a bit of heat and you can hear the faint whine of the 7200RPM drives – but only if you put your ear next to the drive. I moved my iTunes library (80+ GB) to the Maxtor and I can hear the drive running when I play the music. I suspect I’ll be moving the library over to the new drive soon.