AstroMart has recently started charging a $12 fee to access their Astronomy classifieds and Auction Site.   I wish them a slow painful death deserved by their arrogance.  Obviously, some people fail to grasp Web 2.0.  They had been delaying access to new listings by 30 minutes so “they” could skim the cream.  Then they arbitrarily adjusted the ending times of their auctions so people could not snipe. Now this.  No more for me – I’m outta here and hope you join me.  The opportunity to create a new astronomy-themed Classified/Auction site is upon us.  Anacortes is a close affiliate – perhaps a boycott is in order.  A sad, sad day.  Cloudy Nights runs classified ads. The site can be slow, but it appears to have all of the necessary ingredients – Items and Visitors.