When I was in grade school I started flying model rockets. I won’t say how long ago that was, but I will say that a C6 was the biggest motor you could buy. I do remember when the D’s and E’s were introduced. It was a simple hobby back then and I had a nice big park across the street where I could fly them. Fast forward to today, I’m getting back into the hobby along with my daughter (7th grader). I built a couple of small Estes and Quest kits to revive my modeling skills. These are small enough to fly from my big yard. Well the bug bit. I found a club in the area that flies out of a Navy auxiliary landing field. Poking around some of the rocketry websites, I see that the hobby has changed quite a bit. Folks are flying L motors or bigger, FAA waivers are required, and the rockets have electronics or computers that monitor the flight and deploy a series of parachutes at specified points in the flight. This is just the sort of techno-hobby that I like to get into. I have a few mid and high power kits that I’m building and have set the goal of achieving Level 2 certification. I plan to document my progress as well as review some of the products I’ll be using.