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Not a good day at the launch site

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

The day started out pretty well. I had a car load of untested rockets and Ol’ Faithful, my BDR 4.0 that I used for L1, & L2 certifications as well as my first dual deployment. Our club has a couple of contests going, a 2000′ and 9000′ challenge.  I started the day with the maiden flight of my Aerotech Cheetah on an F52T-8 motor.  It flew well to 2018′.  I wish I had entered it into the 2000′ challenge.  Next I flew the Lil’ Rascal on its maiden flight with a CTI H400 Vmax motor.  Woah, Zero to giddy-up in a blink. The rocket suffered a severe case of road rash by being dragged across the broken concrete of a WWII era runway by its parachute.  The crowd loved the flight!  I then flew yet another maiden flight with my stretch Vulcanite.  This one I did enter into the 2000′ contest with an H90 motor.  It only went 1811′ – much lower than the 2025′ in the sim (the Cheetah simmed out at 2022′).  It was an exciting flight because the electronics bay pulled out of the upper tube but did not deploy the main parachute.  Being a dual deploy rocket, it looked like it was going to be smashed to bits.  Fortunately, it hit very wet grass and suffered absolutely no damage.  Now it was time to break out Ol’ Faithful.  I had built and installed a keychain video camera in an external pod on the sustainer.  I prepped the rocket and took it out to the launch pad.  I forgot one crucial thing and this is what happened.  The electronics bay and payload section survived.  All else was a total loss.