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A new focus for 2015

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

I’ve been spending a lot of time generating content for social media sites like flickr, the Rocketry Forum, Facebook, YouTube and a few others for the past couple of years. Inevitably, I find something lacking at each site, whether it be freedom in the way content is presented, the quality of the viewers these sites attract, or draconian moderation. As I realized a couple of years ago this is really the only place where I have total control of things. I’ll be putting up some informational How-To videos under the topic of high power rocketry. I have a number of projects underway, a few that I’ve recently completed, each of which can be used to present at least one way to approach and solve a common problem. I’d also like to do some product reviews. I hope you will find these informative whether you are a newbie or an experienced builder/flier. Before I do that, I need to clean up the site a little as it has suffered from neglect. I hope to do that before the end of the year and get back to writing posts with more regularity. For now, I’d like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and safe travels for you and your loved ones.