First a little about myself. Prior to 2018, I worked as a Senior Research Scientist in the Science Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center by day. I represent myself and everything I write on this site is my own personal opinion – not NASAs or anyone else’s. In my free time I enjoy photography, especially astrophotography, radio control aircraft, HO model railroading, and software development. I’m also an Extra class amateur radio operator.

I have a wealth of experience and love to experiment in many fields. I also like to share what I’ve learned – hence this blog. I’ll warn you in advance that I can be rather blunt and tell things the way I see them.

Observations will cover both meanings of the word. The ‘normal blog’ (if anything I do can be considered normal) will cover a wide range of topics: hobbies, current events, and the future. Eventually, the photo-blog section will share imagery and technique and occasionally delve into the technical details of the hardware end of things. You will find the photo-blog broken up into sections covering individual topics. While the main page will be a chronological stream of entries for all topics, each main topic will also have its own set of pages.

I certainly hope you enjoy your visit and take the time to comment.